Pine Point Regional Park-Stillwater-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Pine Point Regional Park. This Washington County Park allows the trails to be used for hikers, bikers and our equine friends. The paved Gateway Trail cuts through the park. Most of the bikers we saw stayed on this trail. The trail map showed four different color coded looping trails. We decided to hike all four.

We began our hike on the yellow trail. This non paved trail led us through the woods and to a prairie.

The trail continued to Louise Lake. We briefly detoured from the yellow trail to the blue trail so we could hike alongside the lake.

The terrain changed just as frequently as the weather did. The sun began to shine, and the green of the forest became electric.

We hiked past several marshes that were higher than usual due to all the rain we have had lately. The frogs sang to us as we stopped for photos.

This next photo is my favorite of the day. The mirrored reflection is very serene.

The next trail we hiked was the blue trail. The trail was covered in thick grass and dandelions.

The green trail led us through a grove of birch trees as we hiked towards Loon Lake.

The youth of spring is nearing its end in Minnesota, however, we were able to see some crabapple blossoms and baby ferns growing.

Last but not least, the red trail. The trail was covered with luscious green grass. The giant open field was covered in small pine trees.

We found a giant mushroom, which I believe is called a Dryad’s Saddle.

Today’s hiking adventure was 6.3 miles.

Sunfish Lake Park-Lake Elmo-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure was at Sunfish Lake Park. The park offers single track bike trails and hiking trails. The dirt trails were surprisingly dry due to all the rain we received this week.

We hiked by a small lake that was surrounded by birch trees. The birch trees mirrored themselves in the water creating an amazing view.

Everywhere we looked the colors were electrifyingly bright. The green was so vivid with spring’s new growth.

Even the mushrooms were out catching some sun.

The trail led us to a beautiful restored prairie.

After a quick stop at the Nature Center for a beverage refill, we hiked the trail to Sunfish Lake.

Along the trail was a giant tree that spoke to me to come closer. I am glad I listened. I found a little gnome couple hanging out with some mushroom friends.

Today’s hiking adventure was 6.4 miles.

Spring Lake Regional Park-Prior Lake-Minnesota

After a week of rain, ice and snow, today felt like Spring! The sun was shining with fluffy clouds scattered across the sky; a perfect day for a hiking adventure. The trails throughout the park were well marked and nicely paved.

The winding trail allowed us to see different tree groves and areas of wetlands.

We even found some pussy willows.

Even though the trees are bare, they offer their own beauty as they dance with the wind.

We briefly left the park to visit the still frozen Arctic Lake. The lake is on the Mdewakanton Tribally owned land.

As we looped back to our starting point, we stopped and watched people play pickleball at the Spring Lake Park Pickleball Court. I definitely need to learn how to play pickleball!

Today’s hiking adventure was 6 miles.