Sunfish Lake Park-Lake Elmo-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure was at Sunfish Lake Park. The park offers single track bike trails and hiking trails. The dirt trails were surprisingly dry due to all the rain we received this week.

We hiked by a small lake that was surrounded by birch trees. The birch trees mirrored themselves in the water creating an amazing view.

Everywhere we looked the colors were electrifyingly bright. The green was so vivid with spring’s new growth.

Even the mushrooms were out catching some sun.

The trail led us to a beautiful restored prairie.

After a quick stop at the Nature Center for a beverage refill, we hiked the trail to Sunfish Lake.

Along the trail was a giant tree that spoke to me to come closer. I am glad I listened. I found a little gnome couple hanging out with some mushroom friends.

Today’s hiking adventure was 6.4 miles.