Theodore Wirth Regional Park-Golden Valley-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure was at Theodore Wirth Regional Park.

Wow! This park was packed by 9 am. There were many people cross country skiing, hiking, and biking along the trails. It took us a minute to figure out where the non paved hiking trails were. We decided to hike up the steps to get a better perspective.

The first trail we hiked was the Conundrum Trail. This trail ran parallel to Bassett Creek. The creek was partially frozen. Frozen snow formed stars on the top of the ice covered creek.

The snow covered trails were beautiful.

Snow blanketed the trees. We found some giant trees on the trail and some fallen trees that are now home to the woodland critters.

The next trail we hiked was the 45 North Trail. It brought us by the railroad tracks. We found some colorful graffiti under one of the bridges.

We hiked the Theodore Wirth Parkway for a bit. The park was making snow for the ski trails. The trees close by were covered in the fresh snow.

Along the parkway, downtown Minneapolis could be seen in the distance.

Today’s hiking adventure was 4.8 miles.


4 thoughts on “Theodore Wirth Regional Park-Golden Valley-Minnesota

  1. Theodore Wirth Park is so wonderful. So lovely to have such an extensive park right in our metro.Loved the snow sprayed trees! Thanks for sharing. Carol

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