Carver Park Reserve-Waconia-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Carver Park Reserve.

Winter is here! We bundled up this morning to fight off the morning chill. On went our winter coats, hiking boots, hats, gloves and even extra warm pants. After a week of cloudy and snowy weather, it sure was nice to have the sun out today.

The snow crunched under our feet as we hiked the trail. I always forget how loud winter hiking can be.

We hiked to an overlook. Lundsten Lake is in the far distance.

The trail led us to a section of Lundsten Lake where the lake was on both sides of the trail. 

The trail continued through the woods. Another angle of Lundsten Lake appeared. The lake almost looked frozen. 

There were a lot of hills on the trail. We definitely got our cardio in today. Towards the end we could feel the extra energy we were exerting with all the winter gear we were wearing.

Today’s hiking adventure was 4 miles.

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