Tamarack Nature Center-White Bear Township-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Tamarack Nature Center.

This past week I placed all my winter hiking items into storage. Oh boy, did I regret putting them away this morning. It was 38 degrees and windy and rainy as we began our hike. I’m not sure Minnesota will see a spring this year. We may just jump straight into summer. Nevertheless, we persevered as true Minnesotans do. Tamarack Nature Center has several trails throughout the park. We began our hike on the Acorn Loop.

Throughout the park there were nice boardwalks. With the water level high due to all the snow and rain we have had this year, some of the boardwalks were almost level with the water.

Tamarack Lake can be seen in the distance. A few blue jays were seen flying around. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to be photographed.

We took the Turtle Pass Trail down to the dock on Tamarack Lake.

We continued on the Acorn Loop to the Dragonfly Loop. Baby leaves were popping out everywhere. We passed by a cute fairy house. Inside the house, there was a notebook where people could write down their wishes for the fairies to answer.

A bit further down the trail about 5 deer passed in front of us. They watched us just as closely as we watched them.

We continued on the Firefly Loop trail.

We passed through a beautiful green pine tree grove.

Several wild turkeys greeted us. One turkey just stood there as if I was the paparazzi, and they were enjoying having their picture being taken. They sure have beautiful feathers.

The Deer Pass Trail brought us to Fish Lake. The wetlands surrounding the lake were also full of water.

We finished our hike at Tamarack Nature Center and decided to hike towards Otter Lake. Unfortunately, the trails we found were underwater. We then hiked to Bald Eagle Lake to take in the view.

Today’s hiking adventure was 7.1 miles.