Black Dog Trailhead-Burnsville-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Black Dog Trailhead.

We hiked the Minnesota River Greenway alongside the Minnesota River. The trail began just shy of the Highway 35 W bridge and follows the river to the Cedar/Highway 77 Bridge. A squirrel greeted us as we began our adventure.

The Minnesota River was partially frozen.

Besides a light dusting of snow at times, the paved trail was nice and clear of snow and ice.

Black Dog Lake Overlook

Across the river from us, we could see many people riding their fat tire bikes along the river bottom trail.

We hiked up to Cedar/Highway 77 Bridge and turned around back to our starting point.

The trail passes by the Xcel Energy Power Plant.

Several eagles perched in the trees above the river looking for a snack.

The Highway 35 W bridge can be seen in the distance.

Today’s hiking adventure was 8.5 miles.

The Landing-Three Rivers Park District-Shakopee-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure brought me back in time. The Landing offers visitors a glimpse of what a town might look like living in the 19th Century. With the temperature feeling like -6, I had the place to myself. The vacant town was quiet except for the wind blowing around the buildings and the snow crackling below my feet as I walked.

As I hiked out of the first town, I came across an old school house and farm equipment. Taking a glimpse at the inside of the school, I could see small chalk boards the students used to use on each desk. 

The next town I entered was much older than the previous town. The farm houses were from the mid 1800’s. The old wagon was very impressive to see.

Down the hill from the historic towns was a river trail. The trail followed alongside the almost frozen Minnesota River. Eagles soared above me as I hiked through the forest. Silence surrounded me. The wind began whipping across the river and through the trees. The fresh snowfall floated up making the air sparkle like glitter.

Memorial Park was just west of The Landing’s parking lot. As I hiked through the snow towards Memorial Park,  I came across two more old stone/brick old houses with a creek flowing behind them. The trail continued past the old houses to a walking bridge which offered beautiful views on both sides of the frozen snow covered waterway. 

As I looped back towards where I began this hiking adventure, I was humbled as I came upon Sacred Burial Mounds. After a moment of silence for those who came before me, I ended this hiking adventure.