Kayaking-Lake Johanna-Arden Hills-Minnesota

On the evening of June 17th 2022, I went kayaking (for the first time ever) on Lake Johanna with a friend.

Summer is here! Time for an adventure on the water. The temperature was warm and the sky was crystal clear, a truly perfect summer evening. We launched off the dock to kayak clockwise around the lake. A kayak tour by the University of Northwestern was our first destination.

Our next destination brought us through a patch of lily pads. The water-lilies were just beginning to pop.

We kayaked under the University’s walking bridge. The picture below was taken just on the other side of the bridge, my favorite.

We passed by a loon. It didn’t seem bothered by us kayaking quite close at all. 

As we continued around the lake we spotted a beautiful heron catching its dinner.

The sun was beginning to set as we docked.

I had an absolute blast kayaking. I cannot wait to go again!

Lake Johanna- Arden Hills-Minnesota

I went snowshoeing for the first time this past week. It took a little time getting used to wearing them, however, I definitely recommend giving snowshoes a try. My friend and I began our snowshoeing adventure at Johanna Marsh. We followed deer tracks all the way around the marsh.

A short distance from Johanna Marsh was Lake Johanna. The lake had cars and ice fishing houses scattered across the ice. Many people were out enjoying the day. Snowshoeing across the lake offered a beautiful view of the University of Northwestern.

University of Northwestern
University of Northwestern
Lake Johanna

We came upon a bridge and on the other side of the bridge an old chapel sat on top of the hill. Island Chapel was built in 1925. Its huge carved wooden door was locked.

Island Chapel

I enjoyed my snowshoeing adventure. My favorite part of wearing snowshoes was how well they gripped the ice when I walked. I might have to invest in my own pair.