Purgatory Creek Park-Eden Prairie-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Purgatory Creek Park.

We hiked Purgatory Creek Park this past summer and loved it! So of course, we had to see how everything looked covered in snow. Wow! We were not disappointed. A happy face greeted us as soon as we hit the trail.

The paved trail was covered in ice. Thankfully, we had our Yaktrax in our bags so we slipped them on. It was our first time wearing our Yaktrax and we could not believe how amazingly they worked.

We veered off the main trail towards a narrow bridge which crossed over part of the lake. Most of the lake was frozen except near the bridge.

Back on the paved trail, it was interesting to see leaves still on the trees.

We took another detour off the main path. There was a narrow walkway that led to an overlook of the wildlife area.

We continued our hike towards Staring Lake.

We hiked on the frozen Staring Lake.

The trees looked so beautiful covered in snow. At times, a gentle breeze would blow the snow off the trees which would catch the sunlight creating a glittery winter wonderland all around us.

We hiked back to our starting point crossing over the partially frozen creek.

Today’s hiking adventure was 7.4 miles.

Purgatory Creek Park-Eden Prairie-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Purgatory Creek Park.

We started our adventure at the park’s pavilion. Next to the pavilion there is a beautiful garden to stroll through and an honorable Veterans’ Memorial.

A wide paved trail looped around the Purgatory Creek Wildlife Area.

After crossing over our first bridge, we found an unpaved trail and decided to see where it led.

We found an amazing gnome house! We rang the bell for good luck.

While crossing the wooden planks, a family of ducks swam past us.

We jumped back on the paved trail.

Several white herons were perched high up in the trees grooming themselves.

We continued our hike on the Creek Valley Trail towards Staring Lake. Once again we found several unpaved trails that called to us to be explored.

Giant mushrooms!

The paved trail around Staring Lake offered several docks to view the lake. Giant water lilies were blooming near the shoreline.

Today’s hiking adventure was 7.9 miles.