Hegman Lake-BWCA-Minnesota

On February 18th, 2023, we went snowshoeing on Hegman Lake.

Exploring northern Minnesota can be tricky due to the weather. Thankfully, we had a beautiful day to explore. We parked at South Hegman Lake Entry Point #77. A permit was needed to explore the area. We obtained a free permit at the parking lot. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a pen to complete the form. We searched the car and our backpacks and came up with nothing. Since the form was a carbon copy, I used my fingernail to complete the form and it worked! We placed the copy in the box and began our adventure to the lake.

We followed the trail down to the lake.

The view of South Hegman Lake was breathtaking.

Previous explorers left a nice trail to follow once on the lake. We had the whole lake to ourselves. I was a bit over taken with the beauty before my eyes and the silence of the land that tears began to flow from my eyes. As we walked in silence, we knew our souls were being replenished by Mother Earth’s glory.

At the north end of South Hegman Lake we briefly hiked over a small piece of land towards North Hegman Lake.

Giant boulders surrounded the lake. The melting snow from above the rocks created mini waterfalls.

Along the boulders we found the 500-1000 year old pictographs created by the Native Americans. The pictographs can only be seen from the water. One has to enter by canoe in the summer or ski/snowshoe during the winter to see the historic site.

We continued our snowshoeing adventure around North Hegman Lake and looped back to our starting point.

The lake was now full of people beginning their adventure to the pictographs. We were very thankful we began our adventure early to have the lake all to ourselves. My cousin shot this photo of me thanking the sky above for an amazing adventure!