Baker Park Reserve-Medina-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure was at Baker Park Reserve.

My usual hiking partner, my cousin, was out of town today. I was very happy to have my mom join me on my hiking adventure.

The trails are nicely paved in Baker Park. Many people were out hiking, biking and rollerblading. We hiked the trail that loops around Lake Katrina.

The birds were singing to us throughout our entire hike. A Tree Swallow was perched on a birdhouse.

Signs of spring were still present. Wildflowers and baby leaves were popping up everywhere.

The sun shining through the trees created beautiful shadows along the trail.

The sun was beginning to get warm. The cool shade of the trees felt nice.

The water was so blue next to the vibrant greenery.

We found a sign that marked the 45th Parallel at Baker Park Reserve. Where we were standing marked the midpoint between the Equator and North Pole.

The sumac was so colorful against the blue sky.

We continued along the trail enjoying all the colors around us.

We took a rest at a bench with Lake Katrina in the distance.

Today’s hiking adventure was 6 miles.


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