Cleary Lake Regional Park-Prior Lake-Minnesota

Today’s hiking adventure began at Cleary Lake Regional Park.

We began our hike on the unpaved trails. The trails were wide and well maintained.

A mama deer and her fawn greeted us as we completed the Poplar Creek Trail loop.

The Lakeside Trail offered a beautiful view of Cleary Lake.

The birds were singing and the mosquitoes were buzzing as we hiked through the trees.

A frog hopped by us. He appeared to be enjoying a leafy snack.

The Ironwood Trail allowed us to see the frothy spittle from the Meadow Spittlebug and little mushrooms.

The paved trail loops around Cleary Lake and through a variety of tree groves.

Nature continued to surprise us. A Garter Snake slithered past us as we made our way closer to the lake.

We ended our hiking adventure at 8.3 miles.

I decided to cool down and relax by the lake for a few minutes before leaving the park. A Black Swallowtail decided to join me.

As I walked to the dock, I noticed giant water-lilies close to the shore. They demanded a closer look.

Cleary Lake Regional Park offers a variety of outdoor fun. I will definitely return in the future.

3 thoughts on “Cleary Lake Regional Park-Prior Lake-Minnesota

  1. We visited here in mid-May and had just made it to the unpaved trails when a line of thunderstorms rolled through. Much running for cover ensued. What we did get to see of this park was very pretty – we’ll have to visit again on a drier day. 😃

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