Crow-Hassan Park Reserve-Rogers-Minnesota

With the temperature a cool 2 degrees, we began our hiking adventure at Crow-Hassan Park Reserve. The snow crunched loudly under our feet as we hiked. The trails varied in size depending on the route we took. Several of the trail routes were plowed and others were fresh single file boot prints.

We had a birds’ eye view of the Crow River flowing by as we stood on the cliffs. A tremendous number of geese, ducks and swans graced the river’s presence.

The hiking trails weaved in and out of forest and prairie terrain. A variety of birds were making their voices heard this morning. A bright red cardinal and his partner danced in the air as they flew past us.

A large knothole on a tree called to me to take a closer look. I am glad I did as I found a gnome living inside. Not long after discovering the magical gnome, a beautiful owl departed from a tree branch and flew just a few feet in front of us. A breathtaking moment!

A panorama view of part of the park.

Today’s hiking adventure was 6.5 miles long.

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