Reservoir Woods-Roseville-Minnesota

Even though the temperature was 10 degrees, the wind chill took it to a -12 this morning. Gray clouds covered the sky as we started our hiking adventure this morning at Reservoir Woods. Without any maps posted of the Reservoir Woods Trail we quickly found ourselves hiking off the paved trail and into the woods.

Pine Trees
Pine Tree
Holiday decorated tree

The snow covered trail allowed us to walk under the mighty pine trees. We even found a holiday decorated tree. Once through the pine tree grove we began hiking again on the paved Reservoir Woods Trail until we reached Lake McCarrons.

Fox on Lake McCarrons
Fox on Lake McCarrons
Willow Tree

We continued our hike across the frozen lake. A beautiful fox jetted out and ran past us until it reached the middle of the lake. The fox watched us as we continued our hike to the other side of the lake.

So many ducks
Trout Brook Regional Trail
Trout Brook Creek

The Trout Brook Regional Trail began once we reached the other side of the lake. The Trout Brook Creek was only partially frozen allowing ducks to gather by the dozens.

Reservoir Woods Trail

With our cheeks feeling like a thousand bee stings, we ended our hiking adventure at 5.9 miles.

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